Construcciones San Martín
More than 100 years constructing future


Building Construction


With over 100 years of experience, Construcciones San Martín has built thousands of square metres of all types and categories: Residential, Offices, Shopping Centres, Hotels, School and University Complexes, Religious Centres, Cinemas and Theatres,  Bank Offices, Medical Facilities, Car Parks, Sports Centres, Entertainment Centres, Industrial Facilities, etc. In all cases exceeding the most demanding quality controls and always in close collaboration with owners, architects and engineers.



We have also specialised in building rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the process of returning components of the built environment to a state of utility through repair or alteration. This process makes possible efficient use of buildings and architecture while preserving, where appropriate, the features that are significant to their historical, cultural and architectural values. Construcciones San Martín has a great amount of experience rehabilitating all types of buildings successfully. We also have the technology required to safely build new parking levels under the foundations of old buildings with no parking availability, therefore  adding a great amount of value to the restored property.




Property Development



Our Property Development department covers the entire development cycle. From the search of undeveloped sites to the delivery of built homes. Special dedication is given from the initial land acquisition through planning, designing, building and finally marketing a development.


Our long experience includes developments such us hotels, car parks, shopping centres, office buildings and mainly residential homes. All is made possible by our professional team that work with the final objective of putting a product on the market that meets with the principles for which our company has stood out over these 100 years: Safety, Quality, Service and Price.


Likewise Construcciones San Martín has a portfolio of  real estate property assets for lease  both in the industrial and residential sectors.

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